Post Edition -- Presentations

Calgary's Heritage Park -- the closing night event.

2012 Conference Highlights

The 2012 ACI-NA/World Annual Conference and Exhibition in Calgary attracted over 1,600 registered attendees. There were 112 companies taking 178 booths in the BMO Centre.

This final edition of the Centerlines on the Scene @ Calgary provides quick access to the week’s proceedings including seminar, committee and general session presentations; our daily photo albums; press clippings; and our video coverage. The daily pages posted in Calgary will remain active and contain news stories on many of the events and other resources.


Photo Albums

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Video Coverage


ACI-NA President Greg Principato’s President’s Report

2012 ACI-NA Chair Thella Bowens opening remarks

Keynote Address: The Video

White Hat Ceremony: The Video

2012 ACI-NA Chair Thella Bowens looks back

2013 ACI-NA Chair Dave Edwards sets goals

Downes Award Tribute to Marge Brink

Marge Brink's remarks

Momberger Airport Information report: Calgary overview

Momberger Airport Information report: Greg Principato and Daniel-Robert Gooch interviews

Momberger Airport Information report: Angela Gittens interview

Momberger Airport Information report: Interviews with other ACI regional presidents